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If you are facing a drug-related driving offence like drug driving or driving whilst unfit through drugs, it is important that you receive advice from specialist lawyer. Road Traffic Law is a very niche area of criminal law and not all lawyers have sufficient experience in this area to advise you correctly

Receiving good advice early on is often crucial in a drug driving case, particilarly as you may be waiting for the results of your blood analysis from the police. Each case is unique so we would urge you to contact us as soon as possible to discuss the specifics of your case.  Drug driving is one of the most serious allegations a motorist can face and the consequences of a convcition can be severe and far-reaching. Advice from a specialist can have a significat impact on the end result so it is important you do not delay, particularly if you are considering defending the allegation. If you are considering pleading guilty to the offence, we can help minimise the penalty you face. 

Our expert drug driving lawyers, Neil Sargeant and Gillian Forrest are here to help you and we can provide free and comprehensive advice about the options available to you.  We will not bomboard you with legal jargon as we understand that you likely need answers to specific questions. We will help you reach a point where you can make a more informed decision on how you would like to move forward with your case. We may also be able to alleviate some of your concerns and help you feel more confident in dealing with the proceedings you now face, so please feel free to contact us to discuss.

Many motorists assume that they have to plead guilty to this offence but this is simply not the case. As motor defence specialists, we have an outstanding success rate of securing our clients’ acquittals.  The vast majority of our clients walk away from court with their licence intact and without a criminal record.

If you have already been charged with this offence then it will mean that you have provided a blood or urine sample that has tested positive for a controlled drug. You can read more about blood and urine samples by clicking here. Alternatively, you may have provided your sample but not yet have the results of analysis and therefore be on bail without any formal charge.

If you have been charged with driving whilst unfit through drugs then please click here

If you provided your sample whilst in hospital then please click here

What makes Motoring Defence Solicitors different?

Being charged with an offence can be a frightening experience but a lawyer can help you. Finding the right representative can be a daunting process, but we believe our success rate speaks for itself.  We have a proven track record and our success is due to the expert knowledge accumulated over 30 years of experience. We will examine every aspect of your case and provide you with clear, uncomplicated advice.

Unfortunately, no firm can ever guarantee a specific outcome as the final decision will always be with the court, but what we can guarantee is that if there is a way to defend your case, we will identify it when the evidence becomes available to us. As part of this process we will scrutinise the case against you and look specifically at:

Police Procedure


The procedure in place at the police station is there to protect you.

As a civilian who may not have ever been in a police station before, it is to help ensure that any evidence taken from you is done so farily and lawfully. Following the correct procedure  should also help provide you with all the  information you need to understand what is happening.

It is a strict procedure and you would be amazed (or possibly alarmed!) at how many cases we examine where officers have either made mistakes or cut corners.

Ultimately, any divergences from the prescribed procedure may be important and could be used to help defend your case. 

Motoring Defence Solicitors

We are a niche firm based in central London that specialises in road traffic law and defending motorists across England & Wales. This page is for those motorists who are facing a drug-related driving allegation such as drug driving or driving whilst unfit through drugs.

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